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Views of the Salafi Scholars
After those who follow the Madhabs, it is the Salafiys that represent the other groups of the Muslim community. Salafiys have no objection to act on the Hilal witnessed elsewhere on the Earth. Let us examine what the Salafiy scholars say:

1. Shaikhul Islam Ibn Taimiyya (RA) writes:

"The basic principle here is getting the news about the Hilal. The Prophet (saw) said: ‘Begin the fasting at its appearance’. "When one gets the information that it has appeared it is binding on him as well without any restriction as to the distance." (Majma' fatawa Vol 25 p. 107)

2. The renowned Salafi Scholar Imam Shaukani (RA) writes:

What is reliable is the decision of the Malikiys and a group of Zaidis. Their Imam Mahdi has chosen it. Imam Qurthubi has quoted this from his Sheikhs. "When the people of a country see it, it is binding on the people of all countries." (Nailul Autar Vol.4 P.269)

3.In Adduraril Mudie'a, another work of Imam Shaukani(RA) it is said: (published by Ihyaul Turasul Islam of Kuwait) 

"When one country saw it, it is binding on all other connected countries. He has based this on the clear Ahadith, which impose fasting at its appearance and celebrating Eid at its appearance.  It is an address to the entire community. Therefore if one of them saw it anywhere he has seen it on behalf of all." (Addurar Vol.1 P.134)

Please note that the word Ra'a for seeing has two meanings: Seeing and Knowing. This word is used extensively in the Qur'aan in both the meanings. It only means that when the advent of Ramadan is confirmed at a place by observing the Hilal or after completing 30 days for Shaban or knowing the time of appearing of the Hilal by other means, it is binding on all people in the world. The month of Ramadan would commence on a particular Day of the week and all should agree that it has begun on that Day.

4. The renowned scholar Ibn Khudama writes:

 "When the people of a country saw the Hilal, fasting is obligatory on all countries." (Mugni: Vol 3 P.5) See some of the evidence he produces. "Muslims are unanimous in that the fasting is obligatory in the month of Ramadan and if it is proved by strong testimony that the Day belongs to Ramadan, then fasting on it is compulsory on all Muslims. Fasting is obligatory for all, just as it is obligatory for the neighboring countries."

5. Shamsuddin Muquaddis (736 AH) writes:

"When seeing is confirmed at a place near or far, fasting is obligatory for all countries. The rule of those who did not see it is just as of those who saw it even if the Matla’ (horizons) differed."(Kitabul Furoo'a).

6. In Arraulathunnadiyya it is written:

"The evidence to say that fasting is obligatory on all is the clear Ahadith ordering to fast at its appearance and to celebrate Eidul Fitre at its appearance. This is an address to the entire community. So if one of them saw it, wherever it may be, that seeing is enough for all of them." (Arraulathynnadiyya Vol.1 P.38)

7. In Fiqhussunnah it is written:

"Majority of the Scholars asserts that the difference of Matla’ (horizons) need not be considered. When people of a country saw the Hilal, fasting is compulsory for all countries on the words of the Prophet (saw), "fast at its appearance and celebrate the Eidul Fitre at its appearance". This is an address to the entire community. So if anyone among them saw it, wherever it may be, that seeing is for all of them." (Fiqhussunnah Vol.2 P.436)

8. Tuhfathul Ahvadiyya, a commentary of Turmudi, quoting the view of Imam Shaukani (RA) establishes that if the Hilal is seen somewhere on the Earth it is binding on all those who received that information (379/3).

9. In Kithabul Insaf it is stated: (re-published by the special interest of the King of Saudi Arabia)

"When the people of a country see the Hilal, fasting is obligatory on all mankind" (Insaf. Vol.3 P.273)

10. Ibn Majishoon (RA) says:

"The witnessing will be binding only on the people of the country in which the witnessing is confirmed except when it is confirmed by the Grand Imam, and then it will be binding on all of them because in his sight all countries are like one country. Then his decree will be executed all over." (Fat'hul Barry Vol.5 P.601, Bidaya Vol.1P.228)

11. In Nailul Ma'arib, the revered Imam Shaybani says:

"Fasting of Ramadan becomes obligatory on the appearance of its Hilal on all mankind and the rule for those who did not see it is that of those who saw it even if the Matla’ (horizon) differed." (Nailul Ma'arib, Vol 1P.66)

12. Shaikhul Islam Mansoor Ibn Yunus (RA) says:

"When the people of a country see the Hilal or when its appearance is confirmed in a country, fasting becomes obligatory on all mankind because of his (saw) saying, 'fast at its appearance', is an address to the entire community." (Raudul Mar’i’ Vol.1P.46)

13. Allama Abbas Karara says:

"When the Hilal is confirmed in any quarter, fasting becomes obligatory for the people in all quarters." (Addeen P.56).

This is the opinion of the majority of the Salafiy Scholars now living in the Gulf countries. The Saudi government is following this principle for long. When the Ramadan fasting and the Eid are fixed the Hilal is not necessarily seen in Saudi Arabia, they consider the Hilal of America or other places for this purpose. Though some of them are against using the calculations they have no objection in accepting the information of the Hilal of another place. Hambali Madhab is prevalent there.


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