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In Rahmathul Ummah it is written


"They have agreed that when the Hilal is widely accepted in a country, fasting becomes compulsory on all the inhabitants of the Earth." (Rahmathul Ummah page 118)

Fasting is compulsory in the month of Ramadan. The rule for fixing the first of the month in the Shariah is seeing whether the first Hilal is present on the 29th of the out going month or completion of 30 days for it when it is not present.  When 30 days are completed it is not necessary to see the Hilal once again. The next month begins without seeing the Hilal. Therefore seeing the Hilal is not the criterion for defining the months. Month is a measure of time. It cannot be different for different people just as a kilometer cannot be different.

The order of the Prophet (SAW) to look for the Hilal on the 29th of Shaban becomes meaningless when people look for it on different Days, like Friday and Saturday. Muslims of the present day do this and render the sayings of the Prophet (SAW) meaningless and ridiculous. Even after the Muslims at some place began fasting according to the rules of the Shariah, the Muslims at another place are not ashamed to look at the sky eagerly, to see the Hilal, which they never see and return disappointed to wait for one more day!

There should be a limit to this foolishness. We should know that Ramadan begins on the same Day for all in the world. The quotation in the Rahmathul Ummah means that if some people began fasting on Friday, basing on the appearing of the Hilal, or after completing 30 days for Shaban, then all must begin it on Friday. If one could not fast on that Friday owing to a permissible reason one must compensate for it by fasting one day after Ramadan.


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